15 Entertaining Wedding Reception DJ Games (2023)

Wedding games – pure fun for some, true hell for others. Every wedding can be loosened up with well-chosen wedding games or DJ games and thus ensure an entertaining celebration.

Only with good music from a DJ, dancing and DJ games will your wedding be a happy and unforgettable event. Wedding games mustn’t always be mentally demanding but please the bride and groom, and the wedding guests have fun.

Wedding games are ideal for making the transition between dinner and party. Get the guests off their seats with wedding games and prepare them for a long and intense night of partying. 

As a professional DJ, I would like to introduce you to the following 15 wedding games that really create a good atmosphere at weddings and remain high-quality at the same time.

In this article, I would like to take away your fear of wedding games and show you how they can contribute to a great atmosphere at your wedding. 

It doesn’t need any mentally demanding performances, no, some music, a rousing dance, and the fun part with wedding games and performances quite simply lighten up the evening for the bride and groom as well as the guests.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Compliance Questions

wedding dj reception games

This game should not be missing at any wedding. 

The bridal couple must be seated back to back on two chairs. 

The moderator, who can also be the dedicated DJ, then asks the couple 10 to 20 questions from everyday life together, which should be answered with “she” (bride) or “he” (groom). 

For the answer, both the bride and groom hold one of the bride’s shoes and one of the groom’s shoes and hold up the one to which the answer is more appropriate. 

There are many different possible questions. The following are a few that could help with brainstorming:

  • Who is more understanding?
  • Who is better at losing?
  • Who eats healthier?
  • Who took the first step in getting to know each other?
  • Who cooks better?
  • Who has the bigger stubborn skull?
  • Who is more jealous?
  • Who takes longer in the bathroom?

2. Journey to Jerusalem


– Newlyweds

– 12 chairs

– 13 candidates

– 12 tasks

– 1 win

– 1 referee

How this wedding game works:

The 12 chairs are set up back to back. The bridal couple selects a total of 13 guests as candidates. 

Your wedding DJ will now play a cool song and the candidates will run in a circle around the chairs. 

The music stops randomly, and the moderator of the game names a task, e.g., each participant has to get a car key. 

The important thing is not your own or your partner’s. Then the candidates have to go back to the chairs. 

The candidate who arrives last and therefore cannot find a seat has lost the round and must leave the game and fulfill a task, e.g., invite the bridal couple to a barbecue next year. 

This continues until there are only two candidates left.

I found that these awesome sound-activated LED stage uplights (Amazon link) really add drama to the reception space!

11 possible things guests need to get:

– a spoon

– a man’s shoe

– a hair clip

– a wedding ring

– a cell phone

– a car key

– a drink from the bar

– a piece of toilet paper

– a lipstick

– a condom

– a tie/bow tie

11 possible tasks:

– Shedding snow

– Bake a cake

– Christmas market visit

– Ice skating

– Car wash

– BBQ night

– Babysitting

– Change tires

– Brunch

– Spring cleaning

– Send a holiday card

The insider tip from a wedding DJ: I play a different song in each round to create the maximum atmosphere.

3. The Public Game


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– Newlyweds

– Audience

– Cards with questions

How this wedding game works:

The bridal couple is placed on the dance floor facing the audience. 

Cards are now held up behind the bride and groom with a question or statement such as “Who has been on vacation with the bride and groom?” or “These people were at the bachelor party!”. 

All guests from the audience who feel addressed stand up. The game can be played over several rounds.

Possible questions for the public game:

– Who has seen the newlyweds naked?

– Who has known the newlyweds for more than 20 years?

– Who has already driven a car with the bridal couple?

4. The Raffle

The raffle is one of those wedding games that requires a little preparation. 

Before the wedding celebration, lottery tickets are prepared, which are bought by the wedding guests for one dollar. 

In addition to prizes, there are also rivets with the text: “Congratulations, luckily you didn’t win!” stands. 

You tell the people that the main prizes are a dream trip for 2, a wellness weekend, a Mercedes, a 41-piece kitchen help set, a candlelight dinner, hunting equipment, a real mink, and a cleaning help for two months.

Once all the tickets have been sold, the raffle will take place, with the DJ being able to help as a moderator. 

But the main prizes turned out to be a little different than expected!

The Mercedes turns out to be “bread with sausage,” the dream trip for 2 is two sleeping pills, the wellness weekend only includes a shower bath with a massage brush, the 41-piece kitchen set is a matchbox, the hunting gear is a fly swatter, the cleaner is two cleaning rags, etc.

I love these 8-inch glow-in-the-dark sticks to get the wedding party going!

5. The Shoe Hold Up Game


– Bride and groom (including shoes)

– Questions for the bride and groom

How this wedding game works:

The bride and groom are seated back to back in chairs. 

They each hold a bride’s shoe in one hand and a groom’s shoe in the other hand. 

Now the bride and groom are asked questions, for example, “Who needs longer in the bathroom?”. 

Now the bride and groom each hold up the shoe to which the question applies.

Possible questions for the shoe hold up game:

– Who drives better?

– Who’s pickier?

– Who can cook better?

 6. Guess the Posters

This wedding game is designed for the bride and groom and guests and requires a bit of planning. 

A profile is sent with the invitation to fill out, but it shouldn’t contain too many questions. 

In order for the wedding game to really work, there must be no questions about appearance. 

The completed profiles are returned together with the reply card or collected personally before the wedding celebration. 

Before the celebration, each wedding guest has to draw a profile and then guess who it is. 

This wedding game is particularly suitable at the beginning so that the guests can get to know each other better and thus have a starting point for discussions.

Examples of possible questions are:

  • Are you related to the groom or the bride?
  • What is your profession?
  • How long and from where do you know the bridal couple?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What do you like to do most in your free time?

7. Bride and Groom Trivia

The bride and groom write a list in advance of questions about their relationship. 

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Between dance songs and reception events, the DJ announces the questions to the wedding guests, who must try to guess the answers. 

Another option is to have each guest go up one by one and try to answer the questions. 

If a guest keeps answering the questions right, he gets to answer another question. 

If you answer it wrong, a new guest gets a spin. The person with the most correct answers is supposed to know the couple better.

At your wedding, you can consider using these lovely IKEA photo frames (each frame holds two pictures).

8. Guess Groups

This wedding game is ideal for the beginning of the wedding celebration because it allows the bridal couple to get to know all the wedding guests at once. 

In addition, there is enough to talk about in this game for later conversations. 

For this purpose, the bridal couple is placed on two chairs in front of the wedding guests. 

The moderator, either one of the wedding guests or a DJ, holds up signs with various characteristics. 

All wedding guests to whom this characteristic applies must rise from their chairs. Now the bride and groom have to guess what the guests who are standing all have in common.

Here are a few examples of possible properties:

  • Single
  • Glasses wearer
  • Tattoo
  • The bride/groom’s schoolmate
  • Vegan

9. Kiss on signal

This game is probably one of the most romantic wedding games and is specially designed for newlyweds. 

If a certain signal sounds, previously agreed with all wedding guests, for example, something that the DJ plays, then the bridal couple must kiss. 

Instead of a recorded signal, the sound of a knife on the glass or a knock on the table can be agreed.

10. Journey to Jerusalem In a Different Way

We talked about the game “Journey to Jerusalem.” However, at a wedding, it can be a lot of fun with a little modification, both for the volunteers who take part and for those who are allowed to watch. 

For this purpose, 12 voluntary wedding guests are selected, who stand around 11 chairs in a circle in the middle. The DJ plays music, and the guests have to walk around the chairs until then.

As soon as the music is over, a certain object is named, such as a shoe, a wedding ring, or an aspirin. 

The player’s turn is then to obtain the named item as quickly as possible. 

Only those holding the required item in their hands are allowed to sit on one of the chairs. 

The last player has no more chairs and is out of the game. One chair at a time is removed, and the winner is the one who finds the last item first.

Alternatively, cards (like these blank cards) can also be prepared beforehand for the losers, with everyone having to draw one as soon as they are eliminated. 

Tasks can be written on it, such as bringing fresh bread rolls to the newlyweds on the month’s first weekend or playing Santa Claus for the children on December 6th. 

The imagination knows no limits.

11. Cinderella Dance Game for Introducing

This is one of the funniest wedding games that help guests get to know each other better, especially in the beginning. 

All women take off one shoe and put it in the middle of the dance floor. 

After that, the men are spoiled for choice and pick up the shoe that looks the most beautiful to them and try to find the woman that goes with it. 

Once the “Cinderella” has been found, both of them can go to the dance floor together and get to know each other a little better

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12. The Light Dance

This game is a dance as the crowning glory of the wedding. For this purpose, the lights are dimmed, and the sparklers previously distributed to the guests are lit. 

The wedding party forms a large circle in which the bridal couple dances to a romantic song from the DJ. 

So the bridal couple can dance in the candlelight one last time for the evening.

13. “My Husband Can”

This is one of the wedding games, which will especially bring a lot of fun to the guests and the bride. 

A wedding guest takes over the moderation, and it is musically framed, for example, by the dedicated disc jockey. 

This game involves the groom being given several tasks, such as letting the hula hoop circle around your hips as often as possible. 

Before that, the bride has to estimate how many turns the groom can do. 

For example, if she says eight and he also gets 8, the bridal couple gets eight points. 

In the end, the bridal couple receives a gift from the wedding party for every 10 points, e.g., personal vouchers for babysitting or an invitation to eat.

14. Musical Chairs

Guests can play musical chairs around the tables with the DJ controlling the music. 

Each table starts with one less chair than the number of guests. 

The music starts, and the guests walk around the table. 

When the music stops, everyone must find a chair. Each round will result in one person without a chair. 

The winner of each table either wins a prize as the centerpiece of the table or gets a chance to participate in a final round.

15. Song Memory

This game should not be missing at the wedding of a music-loving bridal couple.

For this purpose, two lines of text are written per song on two pieces of paper, e.g., one says “I’ve been looking for freedom,” and the other says “I’ve been looking so long.” 

As with memory, the bride or groom calls out a wedding guest who has to sing their line of text as best they can. The goal is to find as many pairs as possible or lines of text that belong together. 

The bride and groom play against each other, and as soon as a couple has been found, the DJ briefly plays the corresponding song.

How to Introduce Wedding DJ Games

The right time for a wedding game is very important and should be organized either as a bridge while the bridal couple is photographed or during two dinner courses. 

Either you decide spontaneously to insert the DJ games when nobody is on the dance floor, or you set a program schedule in advance.

Especially if the wedding party does not really know each other well, a game to get to know each other can break the ice and get conversations going. 

The most important thing about wedding DJ games is that they are always adapted to the audience. 

If desired, the moderation of the games can also be taken over by the DJ. 

In addition, you have to wait for the right time. When everyone is having fun on the dance floor, wedding games tend to be disruptive. 

However, you should always spontaneously have a game for the wedding up your sleeve for the rather quiet moments of the day. 

Whether it’s dance games, get-to-know-you games for a wedding, or a funny question game, there’s something for everyone in our selection.

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