About StartingtoDJ

About Us

StartingtoDJ.com was created as a hub for any DJ who is just starting to DJ or looking to improve mixing skills.

The hope is that everyone, even the very beginner, can progress by using the tips on this website.

Over time we started expanding on topics like speakers, subwoofers and other audio gear.

The Background

StartingtoDJ.com was founded by me, Tray Fiddy, after I decided I wanted to share my knowledge gained over more than 10 years of mixing at home (as well as a few events along the way).

Over these years, I spent literally hundreds of hours researching various methods, techniques, and tips and understood a lot of stuff myself by good old-fashioned trial and error! StartingtoDJ is a result of all that research, a hub of knowledge built up and explained in a straightforward accessible way to hopefully help even the very beginner DJs start to mix on their own DJ controller at home. 


The Vision

DJing is a field that has always been full of people who love to show off how much they know and those who are keen to sneer at anyone who dares to try mixing at home. These kinds of people may know exactly how a cue button works or possess the knowledge to name the specific headphones used by a famous DJ but have probably never even released a mix of their own to the world.

These people might recoil at the reality that these days anyone with a cheap laptop and controller can now mix pretty ‘darn’ well.
Well, I am not one of those folks.

I firmly believe that anyone who has ever felt the desire to blend any songs, from country music to trance, should be able to do so, without having to feel intimidated that they aren’t doing it to professional DJ standards or feeling that they have to take out a second mortgage to afford the gear to do so.

On the blog, I, therefore, post articles as basic as how to get started, how to connect a controller to a laptop, through to more advanced techniques for when you are ready to take it to the next level.

I will also share equipment advice to help you choose your equipment. Where reasonable I will make these as affordable as I can and they will only ever be stuff I have either owned myself or know someone who has tested them for me.

And lastly, I will try and make it fun to read. DJing should be fun, but it can get quite serious and dull at times! For that purpose, I try and add a bit of humor where possible as well as plenty of images to illustrate some more complex ideas too.

So I hope you enjoy following the blog and can soon join the millions of other people who are mixing the music they love in their homes!


If you have any questions or article ideas feel free to email: