Best Wooden Retro Bluetooth Speakers in 2023 (All Are Tested)

Wooden retro Bluetooth speakers

When people think of wooden speakers, most assume that the older equipment is in question. But even today, some manufacturers still use this material.

Not just that, but they also implement Bluetooth tech into speakers with wood paneling. 

You should know that most speakers, whether woodgrain or not, are not made out of actual wood but with MDF and have either a vinyl wrap or a wood veneer.

If all you want is for it to look like wood, you should be fine, but if you want actual wood, you will probably need to look used or build it yourself.

Nevertheless, wooden speakers blend well with home interiors, giving us a vintage retro look and a familiar 1970s feel.

The best wooden retro wireless speakers with classic looks in this review bring back the traditional charm of the old style. 

Thanks to the different types of wood, in this article you’ll find your personal wooden speaker favorite, which meets your requirements in terms of design and technology.

Top 4 Best Wooden Bluetooth Speakers

1. KONEX Vintage Wireless Speaker
2. Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker
3. Klipsch Heritage Wireless The One II
4. Archeer Bluetooth Speaker (A320)

Best Wooden Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

#1 Best Overall: KONEX Vintage Wireless Speaker

KONEX Vintage Wireless Speaker

Type: 40W, Bluetooth portable speaker

Design: Retro-inspired design with a wooden exterior and brushed metal accents

Compatibility: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB

See full specs: KONEX Vintage Wireless Speaker

I have owned many different speakers at this price range over the years, and I am shocked at how good this speaker is.

These speakers are also one of the most realistic Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever heard, and to my eyes, they are beautiful. 

It is unknown to me whether this has anything to do with my choice of wood as the primary cabinet material, but I expect it does. I feel like the cabinets are also timeless in their beauty.

The sound stage of this speaker fills the room while keeping a relatively level volume across the area. This is perfect for dinner parties because it prevents the folks near my bar (where I keep the speaker) from getting their ears blasted out so the guys in the living room can hear. The battery life is effortlessly ten or so hours on moderate volume.

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The one disadvantage of this speaker is that it has only three main volume levels: soft, medium, and loud.

Despite strange quirks in the volume leveling, the sound fidelity of the speaker is excellent! Admittedly, it’s not entirely the same level as some speakers I’ve had running in the $300-500 range, but I’m getting close at a fraction of the cost! 

The speaker’s build quality is also exceptional, and people always compliment it! So 10/10; I have also recommended it to my closest ones.

#2 Best Performance: Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

Type: 40W, Bluetooth portable speaker

Design: Hand-finished, authentic wood veneer cabinet with magnetic speaker grill

Compatibility: Bluetooth, Auxiliary

See full specs: Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

I’m an audiophile who switched between more than a few dedicated stereo systems in a dedicated room and have written many in-depth reviews of high-end audio gear.

Regarding the cost, I really don’t think you’ll find something with more sound. Yes, you’re limited by how much bass B2s can deliver (and it may surprise you just how much these can), and stereo separation is restricted, but that should be pretty clear when picking this type of speaker. 

Though limited, the bass is plenty adequate for the types of music I listen to most often (classical, pop, rap, rock). It fills up the second floor of my house without going anywhere close to the upper levels of volume. 

I think the audio quality is outstanding (again, given the parameters of the speaker), and this speaker is capable of very satisfying and high-quality sound. 

Still, like most higher-quality audio equipment, it demands a little more effort to get the best out of it. 

Specifically, for starters, you want to play some music via it for at least 40 hours before assessing its sound. This is because, right out of the box, the drivers will be rigid and need to loosen up before they sound as planned.

I strongly advise purchasing and mounting two black rubber Audioengine ADS1 Desktop Speaker Stands (also available from Amazon) side by side, straight underneath the speaker’s center, just below the woofers and woofer ports. 

This will rapidly advance the B2’s sound quality, especially by enhancing the bass response (sub-60 Hz performance) and tilting this speaker slightly upward, better controlling the sound in your listening direction.

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#3 Best Tabletop: Klipsch Heritage Wireless The One II

Klipsch Heritage Wireless The One II

Type: 50W, tabletop, turntable-ready Bluetooth portable speaker

Design: Vintage design with real wood finishes and long-lasting metal accents

Compatibility: Bluetooth, Auxiliary

See full specs: Klipsch Heritage Wireless The One II

The One II is not only gorgeous and styled in an iconic mid-century, but the way it sounds is fantastic! 

I listened to multiple genres of music, and this speaker didn’t disappoint. Loud rock. Stunning opera and Italian piano, podcasts, and Atomic Habits book on Audible. Superb quality and sound.

Also, the key for me was the rechargeable battery, allowing me to move the speaker as I wanted. 

For the price, this is everything we all can ask for. The horns deliver more precise highs, and you’ll find yourself hearing the lyrics clearer than even with your full-size system. The bass is there, and it is powerful for something this size.

If you are looking for a classically styled (natural wood, not plastic) and natural fabric that sounds as good as it looks, then this speaker is for you. Easy to use, free from gimmicky apps – an absolute gem of a product that hopefully stands up for many years.

I have already recommended this to multiple mates. For the price point, it is an obvious overachiever.

#4 Best Budget: Archeer Bluetooth Speaker (A320)

Archeer Bluetooth Speaker (A320)

Type: 25W, Bluetooth portable speaker

Design: Vintage style, an ideal eco-friendly wood charm is complemented by a legendary palette and traditional canvas

Compatibility: Bluetooth, AUX, TF Card

See full specs: Archeer Bluetooth Speaker (A320)

I bought this speaker as a birthday gift for my cousin, who ran it through a range of genres like classical, rock, pop, techno, and more. We were totally impressed with the quantity of bass this Archeer delivers. 

Mid-range had a rich, wholesome sound as well, but we did have to adjust the high range. I must admit it was a little too bright, almost metallic. 

We noticed it less in classical music, but once we switched to pop and techno, it was evident. My cousin just went into the equalizer in Spotify and turned the top three down a bit, and it corrected it. 

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It was also playing close to full volume because we really wanted to see what it could do.

The design of this speaker is remarkable and one major reason I went with this one for the present. 

I can’t say much about battery life since I don’t own it, but we played it at a pretty loud volume for about 3 hours directly out of the box with no charging, and there was no low battery signal. 

Regarding the Bluetooth goes, it was super easy to connect to.

I would 100% recommend this speaker, primarily because of the price! I was initially looking at much more expensive speakers, but I’m so happy I gifted this one. 

Types of Wood Used for Speakers and Their Characteristics

The main material used for enclosures is wood. Although we have lumped wood together, the effect on sound varies depending on the material within this group of woods.

Commonly used woods include mahogany, maple, rosewood, walnut, and alder.

Others are resin (plastic), glass, metal, or cardboard. Whatever the material, the key is to reduce internal resonance.

Often used for musical instruments, mahogany wood has a beautiful appearance and is lightweight. 

Its uniform grain and reddish-brown color give it a luxurious impression when used for furniture. In addition, the moderate softness of the material gives it a soft and expansive sound.

Alder is a well-balanced material with no bias in its characteristics. As a result, it is easy to obtain and process, widely used, and inexpensive.

Ashwood is more rigid than alder wood and is characterized by its undulating grain. Therefore, it is sometimes finished and painted to bring out the feel of the wood grain.

Rosewood is a very sturdy and heavy material. While it is used for high-end furniture, it is also expensive, so speakers tend to use it only for decorative laminates.

In addition to wood, some speakers use other materials such as reinforced plastic (plastic) and metal for enclosures. 

Some of these materials are more rigid and vibration-damping than wood. On the other hand, they are not widely used and tend to be more expensive.

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