Bose Bass Module 900 Subwoofer – Release Date, News (Nov 2023)

Bose Bass Module 900

Bose Bass Module 700 is a power-packed subwoofer that can also be paired with Bose soundbar 300, 500, 700, and 900. 

The 700 has a sophisticated design with a high-quality tempered glass top. It also uses an integrated power supply and a nominal voltage of 120 volts. The driver is nearly twice the size of Bass Module 500, which gives a thunderous bass experience. 

But what about his future successor, Bose Bass Module 900? Will it be much better? What can we expect? Is the release date known?

After the release of the Bose Soundbar 900 and the anticipation of the new Surround Speakers 900, all eyes are on the next Bose move.

This article will outline our expectations for the Bose Bass Module 900’s release and provide as much information as possible.

Release date

If I have interpreted Bose, executive producer in communication design Nichole Hynes’s podcast correctly, there won’t be a Bose Bass Module 900 until at least the second half of 2024.

She chewed her tongue a little bit while grinning mischievously. At least there appears to be some planning.

The earliest Bose will probably introduce the Bass Module 900 is in the middle of 2024. They wouldn’t have to do much, but it would still be extremely early in the cycle.


The price of the Bose Bass Module 700 already suggests that the BM900 price won’t be cheap, but it also cannot be twice as expensive as the Bass Module 700 was against the Bass Module 500.

I anticipate that at least a 900 bass module will feature the most recent Bluetooth standard because they also need to increase the functionality for the price.

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Nobody spends twice the price of a Bass Module 700 on the 500 just to use it occasionally. Therefore, the feature might even be there with BM900.

But I can’t imagine what else comes up.

The prices of two new products that recently came out are around $900 for the Bose Soundbar 900 (Amazon link) and around $850 for the Bass Module 700.

I would guess the starting price of a subwoofer Bose Module 900 will be a maximum of $1100 – $1300 – which would be great for a new subwoofer in combo with Soundbar 900 and potential Surround Speakers (Soundbar + Bass Module + Surround = approximately $2800).

So I wouldn’t think twice about what Bose equipment I would purchase for home.  

It will then also be extremely popular with audiophiles as a home setup because the Bass Module 700 is already running great.

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Expectations and possible deliveries

I expect the Module 900 subwoofer to have new cosmetics and maybe some software changes, but that’s about it. 

I think Bose is past the use of two 6-inch drivers and calls it a sub-stage, thank goodness. I expect the 900 Sub to be a 10-inch like the 700.

There is a small possibility that Bose may use a version of the oval sub-drivers they use in the L1 series. The fact that the LS50 is gone, and that was what the 700 surrounds were based on; it’s a given soon, the 900 surrounds will debut soon.

But then again, a subwoofer intended for indoor use and movies needs to get <30Hz to be a good one.

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If anything, they need to overhaul its wireless hardware so it is less sensitive to “interference,” which is only going to get worse with all the smart bulbs, locks, and sensors that are competing for the 2.4Ghz radio frequency (the sub uses Bluetooth to connect to the soundbars, thus the 2.4Ghz spectrum).

Module 900 will probably be compact with a bar mount or floor placement mounting type as well.

As for the design part, I suppose the Bose subwoofer 900 will be similar to the BM700 with the iconic glass top cover that shines and adds a different vibe to the overall premium construction.

The Bass Module 700 offers a choice of colors, so you get to choose the white option if it works with your home’s decor. The Bass Module 900 will undoubtedly bring something even cooler. 

My only wish is that Bose Module 900 would address the single drawback of the BM 700 whose glass surface isn’t prone to fingerprints and dirt.

The bass module and satellite speakers for the greatest Bose Lifestyle systems continue to be the BM700 and Omni-jewel speakers.

There is an option to install a second bass module for stronger bass. As a result, I doubt they’ll introduce a higher bass module this year.

While some claim that Bose will use rear speakers with up-firing drivers, Bose has always done things differently (dual driver speakers instead of rear speakers, 360o speakers instead of switching to 7.2/9.2); thus, I believe they will stick with the 360o speakers.

On the contrary, I believe they are more likely to upgrade a new soundbar to include several upfiring drivers as they can then keep the rears compact (though this is still unlikely for a few more years).

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Why are some people skeptical about Bose Bass Module 900 coming out soon?

Some people don’t think there will be a Bass Module 900 for the time being. They think Bose will keep the Bass Module 700 on the market for as long as feasible and that they could recoup their development expenditures by making good sales.

Certain people believe that with the current BM700, which can get down to around 23-24Hz (which is pretty spectacular for a 10″ subwoofer), not many of us would have a need to buy the Module 900. 

The sound performance of Bose Bass Module 700, for its size and power, is really good!

Some also think that the new Module 900 will only come again at the end of the career of the BM700.

And the truth is that many features can be enhanced, even though many of them are purely software-related.

Companies and regular folks procure it, so Module 700 is no real competition to the Bose Bass Module 900.

Check the latest price of Bose Bass Module 700 and Bose Soundbar 900 on Amazon:

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