Bose Soundbar 900: How Many & Which Speakers Can You Pair

How Many Speakers Can You Connect to Bose Soundbar 900?

Bose Soundbar 900 is certainly one of the world’s best soundbars. It has been tested and shown to deliver outstanding sound quality, and functionality and carry many features at an affordable price.

Customers who purchase this Bose product frequently ask how many speakers can be connected to the Soundbar 900 because they want to improve the sound quality without purchasing additional speaker systems.

And although the system is amazing, it can only be used with certain Bose products.

As noted in the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 manual, you can add two bass modules, but only one set of additional surround sound speakers. Bose Soundbar 900 is compatible with Acoustimass 300 subwoofer and Virtually Invisible 300 surround speakers, as well as with newer surrounds and subwoofers – Bose Surround 500 and 700 and Bose Bass Module 500 and 700.

However, it can’t connect with SoundTouch home speakers. They use separate Bose apps, but you can use Airplay2 for multiple outputs if supported.

Using the Bose Connect App, you can link up to four speakers that can play simultaneously using the Party mode setting. Each speaker and subwoofer can function independently when you choose the stereo mode.

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Connecting Additional Speakers to Soundbar 900

The Soundbar 900 is arranged as a standalone speaker that can link to the other Bose Surround Speakers to add impressive rear audio channels.

You can join up to two surrounding speakers (one set) as long as they’re from Bose, whether their Virtually Invisible or rebranded Surround Speaker lineup. Both lineups are equal, except for their branding scheme.

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You can connect the Soundbar 900 to the following: 

Those speakers only operate as rear speakers as Bose systems don’t support sides, just one set of rear speakers and up to two subwoofers.

You must position them correctly and aim them as the listening location utilizing the Dolby 5.1 guide.

The more expensive Surround 700 model has a very non-speaker-like stylish design. 360-degree sound is released from all sides and allows flexible placement.

Recommendation: Re-run AdaptIQ room calibration whenever you:

  • Add the rears or subwoofer,
  • Move the Soundbar 900,
  • Alter the furniture in your living space.

Can You Add Multiple Subwoofers at Once and How Many?

Owners of the Soundbar 900 frequently already own a Bose subwoofer before learning that they can simultaneously connect two different subwoofers to the Soundbar 900. However, they are unable to make it work.

They then restart the soundbar, router, subwoofers, and other devices, but the Bose Connect App only detects one subwoofer at a time.

You can simultaneously connect two subwoofers to the soundbar as long as both subwoofers are of the same model.

A second subwoofer connected to a Bose Bass Module 700 cannot be a Bose Bass Module 300/500. The type of both subwoofers must be the same.

The Bose 900 manual makes it abundantly clear that only one device can be wirelessly connected to a soundbar simultaneously (via the Bose Connect App):

How Many Speakers Can You Connect to Bose Soundbar 900?

We use the Bose Music app to connect the extra subwoofer.

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I couldn’t wait to add more subs to this already fantastic-sounding setup. 

For me, the dual sub was the last missing piece. I was leaning towards Bass Module 500 given the price rather than 700, and I was stunned when I bought it. My old Acoustimass 300 Bass Module was vastly outperformed.

Which Subwoofers Can You Add?

Unfortunately, the Bose soundbar 900 can only produce 5.1 surround sound with the addition of surround speakers and Bose bass modules rather than the 7.1 surround sound that would result from connecting four surround speakers and a bass module.

The following are the subwoofers you can connect to the Bose Soundbar 900 using the Bose Connect App:

We can add two identically sized Bose Bass Modules. According to BOSE support, you can add the fantastic Bose 700 subwoofers and Acoustimass 300 Bass Module, which is the same size.

Even though Bass Modules can be wired or wireless, the system does not include the interconnect cable for wiring. A 3.5mm male AUX to a 3.5mm male auxiliary cable is used. Plug it in, and it should start working right away.

Bose advises against trying to use a third-party subwoofer or bass unit with this because they cannot guarantee that it would work if you did.

How Many Bluetooth Devices Can You Connect to Soundbar 900?

The Bose Soundbar 900 is not a traditional receiver. It is made to connect directly to your TV using HDMI (ARC). However, when connected to your home wireless network and running the Bose Music app, it can play music from the internet and receive Bluetooth transmissions.

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This soundbar cannot be used with other Alexa devices, but a multi-room setup is possible using the Bose Music app.

You can simultaneously connect one set of Bluetooth headphones and two Bluetooth speakers.

This soundbar works with most Bose Bluetooth speakers and some Bose headphones.

These include Bluetooth speakers:

And headphones:

Two options are available in the Bose Connect app, which serves as a bridge for Bluetooth speakers: Party mode, which connects multiple Bluetooth speakers to work as a single unit. Additionally, you can play music on both speakers independently in stereo mode.

How to Use the Bose Soundbar 900 to Its Full Potential?

To use the soundbar to its full potential, you must download the Bose Connect app on Google Play or the App Store.

The app enables you to use up to four Bose speakers or subwoofers simultaneously with the soundbar to play music or audiobooks.

Additionally, the app begins the setup for the Alexa link and various streaming services, including Prime, Tune In, Bluetooth streaming, and others.

Six favorites can be set as one-touch launch options, and it can select a playlist and skip songs.

As the name suggests, this application uses all available space on your Bose speakers.

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