How Many Speakers Can You Connect to Bose Soundbar 700?

how many speakers can you connect to bose soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar 700 is, without a doubt, one of the best soundbars in the world. It’s tested and proven to produce exceptional sound quality, and functionality and carry various features at a decent price.

However, do you know how many speakers you can connect to Soundbar 700? This question is common for Bose soundbar buyers because they want to expand the sound quality without buying another speaker system.

The system is incredible but limited to working with accessories made specifically for it.

The Bose Soundbar 700 can connect to a pair of Bose Surround Speakers and up to two subwoofers (Bose Bass modules) that are the same size. You also cannot connect another soundbar to it. 

As long as you use the Bose Connect App, you can connect up to four speakers playing in harmony with the Party mode setting. The stereo mode setting enables each speaker/subwoofer to work independently.

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How Many and Which Surround Speakers Can You Add?

The Soundbar 700 is engineered as a standalone speaker that can connect the new Bose Surround Speakers to add immersive rear audio channels.

You can connect up to two surrounding speakers as long as they’re from Bose, whether it’s their Virtually Invisible or their rebranded Surround Speaker lineup. Both lineups are the same, except for their branding scheme.

You can connect the Soundbar 700 to the following: 

Those speakers only operate as rear speakers.

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There is no prerequisite for wiring in existing speakers unless they’re those three models, which is a shame, as some people have their whole house hard-wired with older Bose speakers. 

I recently asked at a Bose store about this, and it seems that Bose Surround Speakers can wirelessly connect to the Soundbar but require a wired power connection.

When going with the Surround Speakers, it’s best to choose between the Bose Surround and Bose Surround 700. They differ in size, form, quality, and price. 

Bose Surround (link to Amazon) is squarish, priced roughly $350, and is directional in its sound. 

The 700 are more shaped like cylinders, provide 360° sound, and have better overall sound performance. They sell for around $550. So picking the best pair for you depends on your surroundings.

How Many Subwoofers Can You Connect Simultaneously?

Owners of Soundbar 700 often already have a Bose subwoofer, and then they buy another different sub because they get the information that they can have two subs simultaneously connected to the Soundbar 700. But then they cannot make it work. 

So they restart the router, soundbar, subwoofers, etc., but the Bose Connect App continues, only finding one subwoofer at a time.

Two subwoofers can be connected to the soundbar simultaneously as long as both subwoofers are the same model.

You can’t connect a Bose Bass Module 300/500 as a second subwoofer to a Bose Bass Module 700. Both subwoofers need to be of the same kind.

How Many Speakers Can You Connect to Bose Soundbar 700?
The Bose manual clearly suggests that you can wirelessly (through the Bose Connect App) connect only one product at a time with a soundbar.

The additional subwoofer can be connected via the Bose Music app. 

I was really looking forward to connecting more speakers to this already awesome-sounding setup. Bose Surround 700 has shown as a huge improvement over the Virtually Invisible Surround speakers. The dual sub was the final piece of the puzzle for me.

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Which Subwoofers Can You Connect?

Unfortunately, the Bose soundbar 700 isn’t capable of connecting to 4 surround speakers and the bass module for 7.1 surround sound, but only of 5.1 surround sound with the addition of Surround Speakers and Bose Bass Modules.

These are the subwoofers you can connect to the Bose Soundbar 700 using the Bose Connect App:

You can add two Bose Bass Modules that are the same size. As BOSE support has confirmed, you can connect an additional Acoustimass 300 Bass Module, which is the same size as the fantastic Bose 700 subwoofers

Although Bass Modules can be wired as well as wireless, the interconnect cable for wiring doesn’t come with the system. The cable is a 3.5mm male auxiliary to a 3.5mm male auxiliary. You just plug it in, and it should work immediately.

Bose doesn’t recommend attempting to use a 3rd party subwoofer/bass unit with this, as they cannot guarantee that this would function if you were to do so.

How Many Bluetooth Speakers Can You Add to Soundbar 700?

The Bose Soundbar 700 is not a receiver in the traditional way. It is designed to connect straight to your TV through HDMI(ARC). However, it can receive Bluetooth transmissions and play music from the internet when connected to your home wireless network running the Bose Music app.

This soundbar doesn’t work with other Alexa devices, but the Bose Music app can achieve a multi-room setup.

You can connect two Bluetooth speakers and one pair of Bluetooth headphones at a time.

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Most Bose Bluetooth speakers and some Bose headphones are compatible with this soundbar.

These include Bluetooth speakers like:

And headphones like:

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

The Bose Connect app works as the bridge for Bluetooth speakers and has two options: Party mode works as a link for more Bluetooth speakers to function as one. The Stereo mode allows you to play music separately on both speakers.

How to Get Full Functionality Out of the Bose Soundbar 700?

You must use the Bose Connect app to get full functionality out of the soundbar. 

The app lets you connect up to four Bose speakers/subs with the soundbar and allows you to use them all simultaneously as a group to play music or audiobooks.

The app also starts the setup for the Alexa link and streaming services like Prime, Tune In, Bluetooth streaming, and others. 

You can also set 6 favorites as one-touch launch options. It can also choose a playlist and skip songs.

As the name implies, this application completely utilizes the overall capacity of your Bose speakers. 

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