Here’s Why Pioneer Will Release XDJ-XZ2 (Nov 2023)

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Pioneer XDJ-XZ is a professional standalone 4-channel system DJ system perfect for events, a bar or club, or a private studio.

With its professional layout, sturdily built, and superior club-ready sound, it delivers all the features we DJs need to get the job done.

But what about his future successor, Pioneer XDJ-XZ2? Will it be much better? What can we expect? Is the release date known?

After the release of the fantastic all-in-one 4-channel Pioneer DJ Opus Quad, all eyes are on the next Pioneer move.

In this article, we’ll reveal our expectations and update you as much as possible about the release of XDJ-XZ2.

We’re testing Pioneer DJ Opus-Quad – Here’s the initial review

Release date

If I have interpreted one of the Pioneer business development executives correctly, there won’t be an XZ2 until 2024.

But at least something seemed to be being planned, as he grinned mischievously and bit his tongue a bit.

Also, Jeroen Groenendijk (sales, promotions & product specialist at Pioneer Benelux) said at the beginning of March on Mix Master G’s YouTube channel that we shouldn’t expect an XZ2 anytime soon; it seems that Pioneer can’t even make enough XZs to fulfill demand, so no reason to update it. But this doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

I think Pioneer won’t announce the XZ2 until the middle of 2024 at the earliest. That would be very late in the cycle, but they wouldn’t have to do much, either.


The price of the Opus Quad already suggests that the XZ2 price won’t be cheap, but it also cannot be as expensive as a CDJ-3000.

They also have to improve the features for the price, so I assume that at least the 4-deck functionality will come.

Nobody spends three times the price of a DDJ-1000 on the XZ just to operate it with a PC. Therefore, the feature is overdue and can also be shown on the large display. 

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What else comes up, however, eludes my imagination.

The prices of two new models that recently came out are around $2000 for DDJ-REV7 and around $3000 for OPUS-QUAD.

I would guess the price of XDJ-XZ2 will be a maximum of 2800 – 3000 euros – which would be great for a CDJ/DJM set with four decks (4x CDJ 3000 + DJM 900 NXS2 = 11,500 euros).

So I wouldn’t think twice about what professional equipment I would buy for home.  

It will then also be very popular with the superstar DJs as a home setup because the XDJ-XZ is already running great.

Head to Head: Opus-Quad vs. XDJ-XZ (Full Comparison)

Expectations and possible deliveries

I don’t believe it’ll have a built-in hard drive, streaming, or zone out – the average DJ doesn’t need it.  

A built-in hard drive would be my absolute wish, but then you would probably have to adjust the software completely, and I don’t really count on it.

Track analysis: I honestly think this should not be a problem, as this was already announced as an update for the XZ and the CDJ-3000. The feature is not available on XDJ-RX3, so it’s the right time to introduce it.

Zone Out: I think that’s just not Pioneer’s target group, although I think that’s a shame, and technically it shouldn’t be too big a problem. Also, the new Opus Quad just came out with this feature.

Integration of the DMX controller: I could well imagine that the RB-DMX1 will be integrated and would also make sense, but if you also have to buy this, it hardly makes it interesting compared to Soundswitch/Lightrider, etc.

So there are actually only little things left, such as Splitcue, etc. There will be no real evolution here either, but at least the main problem of the XZ, the small display, will be resolved, and it is a very solid device, which is much cheaper than a CDJ/DJM set. The fact that Denon offers a device with more features for at least 30% less is another story.

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I also assume that the XZ2 will have a large CDJ-3000 display and that we can directly record four decks with a USB stick or SD card. I recently talked about the best USB drives for DJs (and some SSDs) that I know work flawlessly and at high speeds in Rekordbox, so you can check that article later if you want.

If the XZ2 comes, it has to be standalone with four decks.

Finally, installing the large display and adjusting the SW seems reasonable. Perhaps we will finally get an analysis function built into the device.

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Why are some people skeptical about XDJ-XZ2 coming out soon?

Some people don’t think there will be an XZ2 for the time being. They believe Pioneer only brought the XDJ-XZ onto the market because the Nexus 2000 was at the end of its life cycle, and they could make good sales again with low development costs.

Certain DJs believe that with an XDJ XZ-2 with a large display, nobody would buy the CDJ-3000 anymore. Some folks also think that the new XDJ-XZ will only come again at the end of the career of the CDJ-3000.

And the truth is, there are quite a few features that can be upgraded, and although a lot is pure SW, it would make many buyers happy. But the CDJ-3000 will sell itself anyway. 

Companies and clubs procure it, so the XZ is no real competition to the CDJ-3000.

I am 100% certain that an XZ2 will be released. Maybe only in 1-2 years so as not to threaten the sales of the DJM-A9 and CDJ-3000 too much, but it will come.

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And I’m also 100% certain that the Opus Quad is not a replacement for the XDJ-XZ2.

In the meantime, check the specs of OPUS-QUAD and XZ on Amazon or Sweetwater. And grab them as fast as you can, as the supply is very limited these days!

In terms of functionality, the Opus Quad is the clear winner over XDJ-XZ’s old technology.

I could envision an XDJ-XZ2 one or two years from now but with the mixer section of the DJM-V10. This would be different enough to release it as a separate unit.

One bombastic feature I‘ve never heard anyone talk about is the feature to control the outer two decks of a 4-channel system with timecode vinyl. If this came out with a V10 mixer section, everyone would go crazy!

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